We make 3D printer filaments from recycled plastics - powering the next generation of eco-conscious makers. 


So much plastic waste

Every minute about one million plastic bottles are bought around the world. Less than half of the bottles that are bought are picked up, and much less are recycled into new bottles or other products.

Empowering the true heroes

We buy plastic bottles directly from street recyclers - ensuring a higher price per kilo and that the plastic will get recycled locally instead of ending up abroad or at sea.

Turning waste into something useful

After collection, the bottles are shredded into pieces, washed, melted and then extruded into 3D printer filament. The filament may be used in any commercially available FDM printer and offer higher strength than standard PLA or ABS.

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The team

We are a group of environmental enthusiasts trying to make a small effort to stop the plastic madness. 

We are based in Quito, Ecuador.

Philip Solvang Wright


+593 98-843-4620


Adrian Buenaño


Mariuxy Jaramillo


Miguel Quishpe